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Media has mentioned our work at the dining room in Torremolinos. An article at Diario Málaga Hoy published on Wednesday May 2nd featured it prominently.


Thank you for the food donated by Mr. Antonio Pérez Alcántara, Francisca Zaragoza, Deena Chellaram, Local Police in Torremolinos (food seized donation), the village of Sierra Yegua, Bancosol for FAGA their weekly collection of fruits and vegetables, Nelson el Soriano Restaurant, Carrefour El Pinillo, La Mar de Bien Restaurant; also thanks to Lola Pines, Margarita Bermúdez, and others for their donations and collections.


Last April 18 at 7:00 pm there was a meeting between Emaús (the President, the General Manager and the volunteer Martin Cozzi) and the Motoclub Komando Amimoto Board of Directors: David Cantos Solís, Juan Díaz Moreno y Domingo Martín Gaspar. The purpose of the meeting was to finally sign the collaboration agreement between both associations.


Friday April 27th at 21:30 we had the great pleasure to celebrate at the Natali Hotel in Torremolinos the VII Love Gala. There were 153 guests, among them the Mayor of Torremolinos , Mr. Pedro Fernández Montes and part of the town councillors, Martínez Alagón Family and friends, Segarra Laborda Family, Neigborhood Association from Los Alamos, Sailors of Virgen del Carmen Brotherhood, Motoclub Komando Amimoto, Taxi Drivers Association from Torremolinos (they gave a donation of €120), Enriqueta de la Cruz Family and friends, Villanueva Gómez Family and friends, Lion Club, Malaka Association and friends of Emaús.

         There was live entertainment by the Coro Rociero Aires de mi Barrio. There was a raffle of two hotel nights with the purchased ticket for the dinner and a great raffle with more than 150 gifts. We sincerely thank the work of “Emaús women”, without them this event would not have come out so beautifully. We want to give thanks to the Mayor and town councillors, to Natali Hotel, and to all the businesses that donated gifts for the raffle. Thanks to their effort we collected €3,475.


Last May 5th, Saturday, a raffle of cars took place sponsor by Emaús.

The wining number in the National Lottery was 11,832. We were not lucky because we were playing the 81,185 series. We thank the collaboration of everybody that bought, sold or promoted the tickets and especially to Francisco García del Pino. We collected €400.


Last May 12th, Saturday, we celebrated the May Cross at noon at San Miguel Street. The Cross was decorated by volunteers from Marliflor Flower Shop and received many visitors among which were the Mayor of Torremolinos and several town councillors, ACET, local associations, etc. We installed a booth with food and drinks. Paco Boliche and company were in charge of the paella. Sergio Carril was the DJ that entertained visitors with very lively songs. Thank you to all the volunteers that participated (Manolo Benítez, Ana Martínez, Luisa Orselli, Marina Segarra, Matín Cozzi, Adriana Pandoyo, Inma Carballo, PP volunteers, workers, etc.) and to Torremolinos town hall for the €150 grant and lending the equipment. We made a profit of €1,500.


Last May 17th, Thursday, the President and the General Manager of Emaús went to Seville for the presentation of the Solidarity Territories Prizes sponsor by BBVA, in particular by its Responsibility and Reputation Corporative area. The origin of this event resides in the fact that the own bank employees are the ones that decide, in their geographical zone, the social needs that will be eligible for economic help from the bank. Thank you very much for the donation of €10,000.

Picture: The project godmother Mª José Becerra and Rafael Palacios, Director of BBVA Costal del Sol Zone.


This is our newest project: The cornucopias. They are yearly subscriptions to the “Euromillones” prizes, in other words, you will play 2 combinations every Tuesday and Friday during a year for only €10. You can get them by calling to 951 29 62 24.


On May 8th, we were visited by 4th Grade ESO from El Rincón School from Torremolinos. They came to know the dining room and its work and charge the batteries towards the Solidary Marathon organized by that school on May 29th. The start line will be at the Paseo Marítimo of Torremolinos and Rotonda del Ancla of Los Álamos at 10:00 am. Students are looking for sponsors for the kilometres that they will run, so the more the run the more they will collect.



These are the entities that have donated food to the dining room: San Torcuato Brotherhood, Pleguezuelos Brothers Butcher’s, San Antoñico Bakery and Tomás, Mesa Fishmonger’s and many more. This dining room has very generous “godparents” that send donations regularly: Mrs. Dolores García Porcel, Mr. Luis Brox Martorell, Arquiguadix, Fossores Friars, etc.



Thank you very much to San Agustín Commercial from Cúllar for their dionation of muffins, pastries and other sweet breads, Perés Espín Poultry and Turkey, Jamones Granadinos and Mariana González for the cake, etc.



Thank you very to the American Club in Costa del Sol for their donations of €200, to the Ordoñez Family for their constant donation of sausage and other pig products, to the Anglican Church in San Pedro for their constant food donations, to La Moderna Bakery for their donation of bread, to El Edén Ecologic Orchard and to San Isidro Brotherhood that donated a great amount of the fruit and vegetables from their contest organized to honour their patron saint.


On April 9th a press conference took place in Estepona and present were the Sports Town Councillor of Estepona, Mrs. Teresa Casado from Villa Padierna Racquet Club, Emaús President and General Manager. The purpose was to introduce the Paddle Tournament that would take place on the 13, 14 and 15th. This initiative had collected €1,655 (€600 from row 0). The town mayor, Mr. José Mª García Urbano, Villa Padierna Hotel President, Mr. Ricardo Arranz, Racquet Club President, Mrs. Teresa Casado and Emaús Presiden, Mr. Antonio Abril attended for the presentation of the check. As a result of this experience, a new project emerged of a Golf Tournement thanks to the initiative of Mr. Ricardo Arranz. On April 10th Emaús President and General Manager met with the town councillor, Mrs Dolores Espinosa Martín at the Padre Manuel Curtural Center in order to solve the financial problems pending with the dining room.


Hi friends! I am sending you a picture of the solidary flea market on April 21st at the Congress Center in Estepona. It was organized by the Education councillor and Estepona schools participated. Schools could invite another association. Tomas Hormigo High School of Cancelada always invites Caritas of Cancelada and because we support the dining room, I asked for authorization to include Emaús. We collected €90. A big hug. Jacqueline. On May 7th Ramón García School gave a donation of €620 collected during the solidary flea market. Ildefonso Abril, person in charge of the dining room in Estepona, Rafael and two other members of the AMPA, Estefanía Salas and Isabel Cruz were present at the presentation of the donation. On May 17 Cancelada School gave a donation of €640. Simon Fernandez School made a deposit of €700 and Monterroso High School AMPA made a deposit of €300.